WordPress and GeoDirectory work

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Hi, I am Guust and have been a WordPress tragic for a long time now. I also am part of the GeoDirectory team since the beginning of that plugin and its add-ons, and my role there is to provide customer support.

I also do freelance work for those jobs that fall outside the free support provided by GeoDirectory (or if you rather have a more personalized service), and other WordPress work.

I work usually at USD 50 per hour, but large projects might get a bit of a discount 

Work provided includes

  • Consultation
  • Installation and/or configuration of WordPress, plugins and/or themes
  • Styling adjustments - CSS
  • Child themes
  • Translation file setup (not translation unless you want English to Australian)
  • Multi-lingual sites (using WPML)
  • Membership sites (using s2Member)
  • Ongoing support and assistance
  • etc

I no longer give fixed prices, mainly because the different interpretation that people put on some common concepts.
For example, "install a plugin" can mean any of the following to different people:

  • upload, or
  • upload and activate, or
  • upload and activate and check the settings, or
  • upload and activate and check the settings and adjust the styling CSS etc
  • I guess you get the picture ...

However, here are some estimated times to give you an idea, of course doing things at the same time saves time:

Create a child theme 15 minutes
Create a translation file 15 minutes
Upload and activate a usual set of GeoDirectory plugins, and get at least one listing working. 40-60 minutes
Create a new GeoDirectory custom field 5-15 minutes
Basic configuration of a plugin 5-15 minutes


  1. When you decide I can help you, you can add your job specifications at the support page.
    That keeps everything nicely together, and allows you to review any discussions at a later time.
  2. I keep track of time spent in 5 minute blocks for any work logged by you in the project site or email, and you can review that list in your support space.
    Make sure to be as clear as possible in your communication, use URLs where possible; clear instructions or questions minimize time spent!
  3. Usually at the end of the month, I send you a PayPal invoice for any outstanding amounts.
  4. If it is estimated that the total time required will be more than one hour, I might ask for a USD 50 deposit by PayPal to guust@guustflater.com to get your job started, and the rest can then be paid on completion.
  5. I usually respond to any new ticket within 24 hours, but it can be a few days at most.

If you have any questions, email me at guust@guustflater.com.


From Amelliya, Founder and Mother of Open Mind Trips

I can definitely recommend Guust. He is very professional, easy to communicate with and he always has a solution to any issues you may come across (at least that's what I've experienced). He is also very good at explaining everything to me, which is very important to me, since I need to learn how to handle my site. I was a beginner with both WP and GD, and he helped me learn the whole GD system. I honestly could not have done any of it without his help.

His prices are always fair, and he always lets me know if there is anything I can do to solve any issues myself.

I hope you will be satisfied with him as well, if you end up choosing him as your programmer.

Best of luck with everything!

From Patrick Rary

Guust is a total expert with GeoDirectory, his help is always very valuable!

From Paolo of GeoDirectory

Guust is working with us since the very beginning. Few know GeoDirectory like he does. If you need to install and setup a GeoDirectory website, Guust should be between your 1st choices.

From Glenn ‘Donno’ Donaldson

I would like to recommend Guust Flater to any new or seasoned developer. I am not a developer, just a guy having a go trying to learn something new. I have been supported by Guust for over a year and he is my most trusted person whom I go to when it comes to the steering of my website. He is very friendly, gracious and extremely patient. I would like to recommend Guust and his colleagues with the highest and sincere regard.

From Jake Kennedy

Very impressed with his service – fast, efficient, accurate, and excellent value. I would definitely recommend Guust Flater.

From Jäger

Guust did some changes for me in ONE HOUR that I had been trying to figure out for WEEKS.
HIGHLY Recommended – True Professional – Absolute SME